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If You’re Not Watching Ts Madison and Khia’s The Queens Court, What’s Taking You So Long?

My introduction to Ts Madison, the adult entertainer-turned-trans activist, recording artist and internet personality, was a video of her cursing out critics who felt she may not be the right kind of transgender activist. 

“Fuck alll you hoes that feel some type of way about Ts Madison, ’cause guess what, bitch? I’m that ho in your face,” she shouted. Now, insert “retweets do not mean endorsements” here, but regardless of all that she said, I became obsessed with her and the way she said everything in that video. So I watched more videos. And then even more videos. I watched her interviews on shows like Janet Mock’s MSNBC digital series SoPOPular. I watched her Lemme Pick You Up, one of her two web series produced by World of Productions. 

These days, I watch Madison on what has thus far proved to be her at her finest: as co-host of the web series The Queens Court, co-hosted by Khia (yes, that Khia). The two serve as judges who render verdicts and sentences based on cases stemming from various figures in the latest celebrity news and gossip. 

The show is livestreamed on Facebook from one of Madison’s living rooms. Madison has made it clear to critics of her choice to film out of her living room that she has multiple living rooms in the house she owns. Still, the show generates 300,000 views on Facebook alone while garnering hundreds of thousands of additional views by way of her and Khia’s YouTube pages, respectively, as well as clips of the show ripped from the stream and posted across Twitter, as well as the Shade Room’s Instagram feed, where I first started paying closer attention to the majesty before me. 

Now, the show is not for the ultrasensitive. They do not use proper language (see the aforementioned introduction to Ts Madison). 

In fact, sometimes Madison bows out and allows Khia to take the entire time to drag whomever she feels like dragging. 

This includes children, although to be fair, Reginae is 19 years old and came for them. Having said that, those who call in may, too, find their asses cussed smooth the fuck out—probably by Khia, but Madison will get you together, too. She also might randomly pray in the middle of the stream, too. Or you may see Madison at some point get up from her seat to go piss (it’s ’cause she’s been drinking). The door might be open while she’s peeing. It’s her house, her stream, her rules, y’all. 

I cannot get enough of this show. Behaving like a fake-ass street-team member the other night while at dinner, I tried to push someone to give this show a chance. He wasn’t certain, saying that he saw a clip of Madison titty-bopping (my descriptor, but that’s what he meant), and asked if I thought that was entertainment. 

I made clear that was nothing more than the introduction, but for the record, yes, I am entertained. 

This isn’t so much a complaint, but I will say that Khia worries a wee bit too much about her detractors who claim she’s nothing more than a one-hit wonder. But in the name of playing judge, my ruling is that Khia does have plenty of hits, including “K-Wang” and gems like “Get It and Go.” Shit, I purchased her holiday bop “Santa Baby Rap” last year. 

Bottom line, I want you to sit here and watch this stream, and I dare you not to be entertained. The Queens Court is a mix of the public access TV vulgarity that Alexyss K. Tylor used to bring and the kind of rawness you can usually only find in internet comments sections (sometimes known as hell, but not so much here). Granted, it can be “problematique,” with a level of bluntness that more than borders on cruelty. But if you can take it, it’s about time you gave this show a whirl. 

This shit is fucking amazing. I would pay for this, and based on the podcast version of the show soaring up the iTunes charts, quite a few others will, too. In a recent interview, Madison and Khia revealed that they’ve already been approached for television. Glory be! 

In the meantime, give them a chance. I am happy for Ts Madison, and although Khia makes me cringe a little with her commentary on occasion, I’m glad Madison’s found such a good partner. Is it on? Whew, is it ever. 

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