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Khia & TS Madison removed from Xscape concert but the group Kandi Burgess

Xscape Tries To Remove Khia & TS Madison From Concert Rumor has it, some drama popped off behind-the-scenes at Xscape’s recent New Year’s Eve show. Reportedly, members of the group attempted to have rapper Khia and transgender personality TS Madison removed from their Atlanta concert. Khia and TS Madison host a digital show called The Queens Court, in which they weigh in on celebrity news. Over the past few weeks, the pair have exchanged insults with Toya Wright. Toya is close friends with Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, who is a member of Xscape.

According to TS Madison, she and Khia were guests of Tamar Braxton, who is currently touring with Xscape. TS claims that the pair had planned to hit the stage with Tamar and ‘perform’. However, she says that Xscape tried to get the pair removed from the concert, alleging they had weapons. TS says that security attempted to have them removed from the venue, but Tamar’s estranged husband (Vincent Herbert) intervened and stopped them from being kicked out. It’s speculated that since Toya has issues with the two, she may have been responsible for security attempting to remove them from the show.

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