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My People Perish

KING JIVES WAR BIBLE HISTORY: My People Perish Due to Lack of Knowledge

Major Discussion to Obtain Knowledge and Understanding of Jesus Christ (Yeshua - The Christ, Messiah), and Yahweh (YHWH),The Most High God, The ALL Existing One.

Study to show yourself approved (2 Timothy 2:15). - The Most High God True Name Is Yahweh/YHWH.

Yahweh or YHWH, The Hebrew YHWH is the verb hawah, meaning “to exist’ with the prefix y, meaning “He.” Therefore, the word YHWH means “He exists YHWH IS the one who exists EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME.

- The Dietary Laws and The Commandments. My people perish for the lack of knowledge. Malachi 17:20. - Observing the 4th Commandment. Return to me (Yahweh), and keep the Sabbath. Mark 10:17-18, Acts 16:13.

- Jesus birth and death. - What is sin? Sin is being outside of the will of The Most High God, Yahweh by being disobedient to His Laws, Commandments and Ordinances.

Psalms 69:22

Jesus/Yahshua so said in the OT.... Isaiah 7:14, 9:5-6. Referring to King Ahaz. - The Prophecies The prophecies of the Messiah. Isaiah 2.

Micah 5:2,

Zechariah 9:9,

Psalms 22:16-18, 82:5,

Isaiah 50:6, 53:3-7. Jesus suppose to be... Hmm?... Not It’s talking about.

The Promise To The Oppressor Psalm 82:5. Revelation 3:9, Zachariah 12:10, The Synagogue of Satan.

David As King. Psalms 89:16-21, 89:28-29, Ezekiel 37:24-28.

No Man Can Died for You Human blood sacrifice is an abomination to The Most High, Ezekiel 18:20-23.

The End of Days Psalms 82 The evils of the last days. - Israel Victory

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