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Famous Preachers: Trust Without Verification, Ridiculed If Researched! Example; Juanita Bynum, Bisho

Trust WITHOUT Verification; but RIDICULED,


The Juanita Bynum Section

It’s funny to me that people spend time to find scriptures to ridicule, antagonize, condescend, but never utilize them to exhort, reprove, or exalt. When there are semicolons, colons, commas, and periods at the end of a verse, then it means it is attached to another verse or section. Astute students of the Word are already prepared for people who pervert the word to conform or accommodate one’s personal perspective.

The interesting thing about “Touch not mine anointed, neither do my prophets no harm” According to the word of God, prior and subsequent the text, God was speaking to His prophets who were about to come under extinction. The scripture also states to Study to shew thyself approved…If we are going to spend time pulling scripture out of context, then ensure you are studying for the purpose of YOUR LIFE! Assuming that everyone has integrity is flawed and corrupt thinking, there are those who would want to believe the best in people. Unfortunately, due to people like Juanita Bynum, which is the HOT TOPIC currently, which could be a publicity stunt to gain more attention and followers, will cause you to READ, STUDY, and RESEARCH for YOURSELF. If you are haphazardly receiving words that are not Word Based, then you are liable just as she is when you are allowing undocumented truths to enter your soul.

Think about this…If companies will not hire ANY EMPLOYEE without a THOROUGH BACKGROUND CHECK, DRUG TEST, and other investigative measures, THEN why would you SEW thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars to a woman losing credibility by every second. We will give you this, when you first came OUT with NO MORE SHEETS, the people could VISIBLE see the power of God in and on your life. HOWEVER, when negative press begins to surface based on reactions, conversations, interactions, and other pieces of information, then we must ensure and verify that all things are spoken in truth and honesty.

Microsoft will not hire you with a prophetic word. Dell will not place you in management because you are anointed. Apple will not maintain a role for you within their company because you have influence. You must KNOW what you are doing!

The Fred Price Jr Section

Honestly, based on the previous section with Lady Bynum…Fred Price Jr followed the word of God. He abdicated his role to be liked, famous, popular, and RICH to maintain integrity in his soul. If some of YOU would take the time to SANCTIFY YOURSELF, then YOU could and WILL avoid future scandals. For instance, make sure your NOSE is CLEAN, your LIFE is CLEAN, focus on your business, and ONLY then will you see PROMOTION from GOD. #NOTPREACHING #TRUTHSPEAKING

Fred Price Jr did the most honorable and respectable thing a Leader could have done ever in the history of Christiandom. Fred Price Jr. took the time to share his story with class and dignity and gracefully sit down and allowed way for another to lead the people of God. Believe it or not, many people across time have sat down to focus on their soul, life, and relationship. If they can do it, then why is it such an issue with him? #THINKaboutit

The Clark Sister’s Karen Clark Sheard and XSCAPE

WHOOOOOOOOOOO CARES?! Speaking from years of experience in the COGIC [Church of God in Christ] world, The Clark Sisters and Family will never do anything wrong in the eyes of the COGIC. To the COGIC world, it will appear as ministry, service to God, discipleship, whatever religious rhetoric that will make them feel positioned in the world.

Even though, people will ROOT, SELL, SCHEME, or PLOT to be in the faces of these ladies. Please understand the aggravation other Gospel Artists have suffered from singing with secular artists. Negatively impacted by the members of the COGIC world, many artists have been “boo-ed” off the stage, walked out in the middle of selections, and NOT supported at their booths. Even though, Yes! The Clark Sisters are COGIC Royalty; it’s interesting the things we will SWALLOW in the name of the Clark Sisters and gag AT or IN on other Gospel Artists. #sighs

Karen Clark Sheard sung at a club with XSCAPE honoring the Clark Sisters for their impact to the music world. #NEXT #GetoverIT

In regards to the sampling of their song, “Hiya” in the Jay-Z song, Family Feud. I hope the Clark Sisters got paid, that’s all I am concerned about, and honestly, not that concerned. I pray that business was handled when a snippet of their music was added to the song. I am quite sure there are mixed emotions about that since Jay-Z is known for not believing in God and assumes the role of a god himself. #side-eye #sigh

The Todd Hall Section

The prolific prophet in the USA. He can call names, preach, dance, sing, and mentor. However, over his MANY years preaching, singing, teaching, and prophesying, did you happen to hear the location of his school? He has stated SEVERAL times about people who went to school online was NOT as authentic or valid as those who went to college on campus. I BEG TO DIFFER! College is college! A University is a UNIVERSITY! It does not matter whether you went online, one on one sessions, or classroom settings. If you paid, by whatever means for college, then received a degree, then CONGRATULATIONS you are a COLLEGE GRADUATE! Diminishing other degrees or methods of attaining those degrees is very puerile, and it displays your insecurity. Even though, WE never heard where you got your degree, unless it is located on a website, video clip overlooked by the masses. #skeptical

Why is it an issue to question people who question your lifestyle? They can question your job? Relationship choices? Transportation? Wardrobe? Skill set? However, when the tables are turned, questioning them seems to bring the wrath of God upon you. I thought the scripture says, THERE IS NO RESPECT OF PERSONS WITH GOD. I am assuming that if they can do it, then it would be befitting for me to research and dig into their history or biography. Banks are NOT going to expend finances into a business with a NAME ONLY. They require extensive information before investing funds into a potential business.

Where are you from originally? Are you considered to be a Doctor? Of what subject? What school did you attend? Did you complete a dissertation? What was the process? How are you a millionaire? What is your claim to notoriety? #411

The problem with people on international and national platforms is the higher they go and greater their influence, the less tangible and human they become, which leads to people blindly doing, giving, sewing, and going to these people for answers located in the same word used to attempt to place a “hex” on me. #youshallreapwhatyousew

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s okay to research! You are free to investigate! You are more than capable to reach out to get clarity on anything spoken or written! Please don’t be in the dark all of your life. Come out from among them! 

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