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Juanita Bynum... Congratulations🎉, 🚨You WIN!🚨 4 Degrees, 3 Elevations...


As I have always stated, be careful about your connections and the people being admired. Ask yourself! Why did I, if attended and graduated college or university, write papers, performing labs, present my research before my classmates and professors and do an innumerable amount work, if I could have read some scriptures, scream, run and shout and received over 7 degrees? In other words, I should have taken a short cut, if it seems, this is the way to get confirmed by the world.

Unfortunately to those who have worked, tested, and graduated, this is a disservice to their accredited work, but if WE do not speak and bring awareness to these issues, then the potency of OUR and YOUR degrees will diminish because of a talented or gifted individual seeking validation. 



Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellors Association 


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