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Juanita Bynum ‼️🔥Breaking News🔥‼️Proof! LIES! LIES! AND MORE LIES!!!

$1400 Seed, $300 Graduation Banquet Tickets, 7 Degrees of No Accreditation and MORE!

It is truly heartbreaking watching a mentor and spiritual leader that so many have followed fall from grace. You have to ask yourself how did this happen and we need to start who can really ask that question and who can really answer it but the person himself. Juanita Bynum has been a public figure for so many years, however things are taking a turn and not for the better. When so many are saying pray someone needs to be reaching out trying to help.

The greater she got in fame the more the plastic surgeries came, there was a great fascination for money and mysticism. So when I got a chance to meet the great Prophetess Dr. Juanita Bynum I was amazed. I was amazed because this was one of my favorite preachers and I don't care about the plastic surgeries because I was like hey it doesn't look bad! What really set me back and made me take a second look at her was the lawsuit against Bishop T. Jakes. Now a lot of people May think that she was well within her right but you have to consider that if you are a guest preacher at someone else's church those tapes are not your property. Unless it's given to you!

There have been countless of times where Juanita Bynum has sued different major preachers because of money, she wanted more. I used to watch her on the word network it was all right until it became too mystical and all about money. I'm not really shocked because there is a track record of all of this and it's very sad. Looking at her beginnings you would think that she would not allow this to happen to her again only to return back where she started. You would consider making sure that you lived out what you preached and made sure that all of your supporters could see your honesty in your living. All of that begin to change after she married Thomas weeks III.

Juanita Bynum longings and striving for power, status, fame and recognition is a common feature of everyday life. It's becoming a norm in the church world, It is regarded as normal by the world. People of the world give much attention to attaining power, status, fame and recognition. This problem is seen in all strata of society and in many different areas of life.

 Sadly with a few bankruptcies in different cities and states and foreclosed homes people are looking for proof. She's preaching one thing and living something else, but documentations that are actually factual or proof of what's really going on in her life. Asking people to sow seeds and there is no ministry to give to, taking advantage of women that have great hope and faith in her. Its as though she does not care that a lot of these women that follow here are there because of her abuse story but there is so much more then what she has told.

Sadly, this problem also exists among Christians and those engaged in the Lord’s work. This, in fact, is a major problem. It is a significant hindrance to personal growth and development and to personal walk and fellowship with God. It also causes considerable problems and hindrances to the advancement of God’s kingdom. This is an area the evil one is actively promoting and exploiting.

It is possible for a person to have this problem without himself realizing it, even when it has been damaging his life. In some people, this problem is deep-seated. Let us soberly examine our lives and ask the Lord to help us be free from this problem.

Colorado Bankruptcy Court, Case No. 08-29241 

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