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‼️Fred K. Price Jr and Clayton Jennings‼️ | New Life, Restoration, Moving Forward


Days after Fred K. Price Jr. announced he was stepping down from the helm of the 28,000-member Crenshaw Christian Center church due to "personal misjudgments" Sunday, members say they still have no idea what he did but remain on the defensive about their former pastor. "Well, we know what you know. That's what he said to us. As long as he told us it was personal misjudgment we really shouldn't speculate," CCC official Tamara Taylor told The Christian Post Wednesday on Fred Price Jr.'s stepping down. Price's exit from the pulpit comes eight years after his father, Dr. Frederick K.C. Price, anointed him as the new leader of the megachurch he founded in 1973. The apparently contrite preacher told his congregation Sunday that he had relinquished the position because he betrayed God, his family and his church but didn't specify what the betrayal was as he asked for privacy.

"I have struggled with and am correcting and making amends for serious personal misjudgments which have affected my life and my family and which I deeply regret. I have betrayed the trust of God, my family and you my church and for that I am so sorry. Therefore, I'm gonna step down as pastor at this time," Price told his shocked congregation in an emotional statement. Officials at both the New York City and California campuses of the megachurch insisted Wednesday that Price's statement on Sunday was the extent of their knowledge of his betrayal. Except for relevant church administrators, everyone else was in the dark until he delivered the statement. "It's news that no one predicted and it's up to each individual as to how they receive it," Crenshaw Christian Center New York hostess Karen Taylor said. "We have no idea what it is (the betrayal). What you heard him announce on Sunday is what we heard so we have no speculation and we don't speculate. We deal with truth." No doubt that by now you’ve heard of the Clayton Jennings sex scandal. Jennings, a self-described evangelist, and spoken word artist has been accused of, and admitted to, multiple affairs with different women during his ministry preceding his marriage in March of 2016. At the time of this writing, at least 6 women have come to us with accusations of spiritual and sexual misconduct against Jennings. While Clayton has admitted to this sexual misconduct in a general sense, he claimsthat all of this happened “a long time ago,” and that he has come to full repentance. I had sex before marriage a long time ago and admitted as much MANY MANY times in videos and messages. There are two sides to every story and there are a lot of lies. I’ve just tried to stay humble and quiet and not tell my side. God bless you all. Well, he’s right. There are two sides to every story. Now that he claims that he’s been “lied” about, it is necessary to give you the full details of the story from our side–the unadulterated, verifiable side of the story.

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