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Fred Price Jr Announces He's Stepping DOWN for "Personal Misjudgments" (Video)

Pastor Fred Price Jr. announced yesterday that he is stepping down from ministry for a season due to misjudgment. Now I don't know what the misjudgment was but what I can say is that it's greatly appreciated, he stood before his congregation and admit to something being wrong and taking a sabbatical to fix it. I've done a lot of talking about situations like this in my recent blogs and I know this could be messy but it's good to inform the people to what's going on and where you are.

As stated, Fred Jr's mother and father are going to be stepping back in place for season until he (Fred Jr) gets better and gets in place. On the flip-side I know people are wondering what's going on because in his delivery he didn't specify. This does leave the mind to wonder what has he gotten his self into; is it drugs, extramarital affair's, a baby out of wedlock, or just promiscuity. At this point because he has been man enough and possessed enough dignity to stand before the people to let them know what was going on, not in full detail. Now to the people that watch him let's keep him lifted in prayer.

There will be speculations! We as a people should be at a point where we can respect him more being upfront then to carry-on a ball of mess just collecting more and more stuff until there's a collision. Again let's appreciate the fact that he was man enough to stand before his congregation and to admit honestly that something was wrong and that he needed to sit out for a season. Once again let's respect the family and keep them in prayer.

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