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Husband Beat Wife? Yeah right! Plot of a Vindictive Ex Member! Innocent Picture Gone Wrong...

How do you go from taking an innocent picture and sharing it with your friends to that innocent picture being all over the world on blogs and you are being accused of being beaten by your husband?

Well that's just what happened to pastor Mike and Lisa Claiborne. After doing my research and even having a conversation with the individuals,I had to take some time to think and put two plus two together. While listening and talking to Pastor Mike, I had to be quiet so I could hear every detail. I wanted to make sure that I understood everything that was going on. So with that being said, Pastor Lisa Claiborne had a car accident by running into a deer, it wasn't made aware to me that on that Friday she was with the church mother. Wow!Pastor Lisa was out with the church mother after the accident. Pastor Mike was out of town during this incident.So after going to the hospital,pastor Lisa took a picture of how she was looking in the hospital bed. In a joking manner she sends it to only a few of her close counterparts. It's believed that a blogger received or took the picture from someone's phone.

I told Pastor Mike that in my dealings with church people and individuals who leave tend to do things and create chaos because they're upset. Therefore my only conclusion is The ex member ( the blogger) sees the picture in someone's phone and sneakingly sends it to himself. Once they obtained the picture they quickly wrote a blog and sent it to someone else. After being confronted about it, the blogger(former church member) claimed they were not the one that started all of this.

After learning that only a couple of bloggers have really attacked this couple, I can understand why. Pastor Mike and Lisa are prominent in their community and the people that are around them appreciate them and love them. Mainly there are a few people that don't like them. For whatever petty reason they want to start some mess. It's crazy that even in the blogs his child support situation is brought up and even some more crazy asinine situations are created. Situations like the pastor is taking his wife's credit card and buying prostitutes and taking them to the hotel, again those are all accusations! I'll end this way, when people know you for who you are they will stand with you and in the mist of all the chaos and confusion they will stand and kill all the negative naysayers. As I said to Pastor Mike and Pastor Lisa keep doing the good work and moving forward, you will always have individuals that hate you for no reason at all though that sounds crazy it's the truth.

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