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$2 Million Life-insurance Policy!!! Church Leaders Trying To Block the Wife Charisse Gibert From Col

Reader good Monday morning to everyone, I 'm praying that everyone reading this post will have a wonderful and awesome day in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

With the February death of Bishop Gibert four months ago has left his wife Charisse Gibert fighting Detroit World Outreach over house and control of church’s future.

“When a pastor dies, some people in a congregation don’t know how a church is going to go on, so they find a new spiritual home or go looking at other churches,” Wilder said. The drop in membership has turned the mansion from a symbol of prosperity into a millstone. The church spends $380,000 a year on mortgage and maintenance costs. Detroit World Outreach can no longer afford the expense because church revenue has fallen by approximately $2 million since 2010 “and our weekly attendance has dropped significantly,” Wilder wrote in a court filing. “Selling the property would cut the debt of the church by close to 50 percent,” Wilder wrote.

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