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Surprised??? (VIDEO) James Hall | Bishop Thomas Sex Tape and Relationship Scandal | A Mere Rejection

OK everyone listen it's not new news that we are finding out about musical genius James Hall. It's funny how masses are dragging James Hall through every media outlet stores including making Memes and Facebook statuses. What we should remember is this is no surprise but I have a little bit of detail for you they may shed some light on this incident. Directly before I come to that permit me merely to articulate how crazy it is we are spreading pictures of other individuals who have nothing to do with this only to add fuel to the fire.

Indeed let's jump to this. So what James Hall and Bishop Thomas we're having a close friendship or companionship whatever it maybe. I thought it was crazy that after looking at these pictures I was not shocked or surprised but I was instead tickled. This was a relationship not public but private and that's OK, we all choose different ways to publicize our interactions. But after reading and listening to so many of the stories let me make my own conclusion. Bishop Thomas and James Hall had a human relationship OK! Bishop Thomas was sick and was invited to move with James Hall, this is the information placed out here by the bishop. But ironically the Bishop wanted more and from the looks of it they had more, but something else took place and the relationship went downhill.

I think it is baffling that whatever took place between these two individuals it had to cease like this. At present James Hall is suing for $10 million for defamation of character. But my question is how is he suing for $10 million for deformation of character when clearly we can see through these pictures there was a relationship beyond friends. There're pictures of him sitting in his lap kissing and even pictures of them in the bed together. This is just a case of a love affair gone wrong that could've been salvaged but again we do not know all the details. At this stage we've merely seen text messages and pictures and Facebook statuses. But let's keep it 100 this happens all the time the only differences James Hall is an international gospel artist. There is a lawsuit I'm not certain if it's going to last but there is a lawsuit, $10 million though? Not sure if you're going to get it but OK!

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