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Bishop Eddie L. Long | New Leadership | The Aftermath of Scandal, Kim Burrell & Death (VIDEOS)

Many are wondering what is going on in Georgia at New Birth-Baptist Church. Well after a crazy close of the year I must state it's been rather the experience. From hearing the rattling last message of Bishop Eddie Long to hearing the awful news of his demise to experiencing a long five hr funeral service, lastly the announcing of a new pastor. I have got to say New birth has started with total nip and tuck.

Therefore let's travel backwards in time a bit. Everyone remembers the powerful messages that Bishop long delivered. You could never forget them or him after all the tight muscle shirts, always a conversation that would be discussed in the black church. Why would this gentleman wear a muscle shirt in the pulpit? Well I have got to articulate every pastor has her own ecological niche, this was his. So from there to the march against the LGBT community and next the huge scandal. When I tell you it's amazing how people condemn and pray against one thing only to find out that's with their involved in. The old expression is what's done in the dark comes to light.

So there is a new pastor of New Birth, there is such speculations surrounding this man but we just hope with the growth of the ministry that there is a solid leader. Frankly he is filling some large shoes and a great role, yes he is going to have to clean up a heap of the mess that was left for him. I've been seeing much talk about his non-black wife but what does that matter as long as she can accommodate her husband and standby beside him. This is going to be a great task and as long as there are no scandals, I do believe everything's gonna be OK. Now that's me just having high hopes for he and his wife and family.



I hate it for him though that he's coming in after such a shameful death. Regardless of how people feel you have to remember this man's medical records are not public so all the speculations are just speculation's. You don't know what he died from and he never told you. It's crazy because all the rumors are saying that Bishop Eddie Long gave-up the ghost from AIDS, you will never know because that information was not privy to you. It's OK though, The man is dead and the only thing to remember him by is a few things not bad and not good. His powerful messages, tight shirts, awful gay sex scandal, horrible death. Again our only request is that Pastor Stephen does not follow in the same footsteps. There's been enough of the double lives and double standards going on in the house of God.

Let's have High hope and great dreams for the new leadership of New Birth Baptist Church in Georgia.

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