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DO's DONT's | AIM / 110th COGIC HOLY CONVOCATION | Who's Going?

I want to first say; our conventions are awesome opportunities to meet in one place and to see family members and friends that you have not seen all year so let's make these the best and the brightest church events as possible. Now, let's take a moment and let me give you some official/ unofficial information and do’s and don'ts for this year's 2017 AIM/Church of God in Christ Holy Convocation. Hope you're ready because I'm ready to give it to you!

Let’s, start off with the main speaker lineup for this year. If you have not been to any meetings, planning parties or any of the sessions concerning this year's meeting you have nothing to say. Everyone that is coming to this year's convocation is sent by a planning committee. Everyone who is upset about Joel Osteen coming this year, if you have not been paying your tithes or your dues and going to meetings you really don't have room to talk. I've been saying this for a while now and I really hope that people understand exactly where I'm coming from, I will ask you not to get in your feelings because it's very imperative that you understand the point that I'm making.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, everybody who is a part of this church, realize that you have an invested interest in the Church of God in Christ. You have a voice and you have an opinion and you have every right to state how you feel whether it's good or bad. Understand, if your department is not what you want it to be, voice your opinion! Don't side with people because your opinion may not be the popular opinion but if it's something that needs to be addressed, address it! While you're there the entire week remember, General Assembly is coming up the last day after Convocation so while you're sitting there for all those many hours don't just sit there looking for arguments and for people to fuss and fight; this is the time for you to say what you want need to say. If you have needs and concerns, you need to voice them. If you're part of the women's department and you feel that your jurisdiction or your district is not supported well or need some help, you need to stand up and say something. This is not about embarrassment! We have gone on far too long and every branch, every leaf, right down to the roots have gotten very weak and they need strength. So, let's take this opportunity to gain strength from one another and be adults.

Let's address another issue. I know last year they had the best worst and dressed videos and posted all over Facebook. Let's remember that before you leave home you need to prepare yourself. If you only come here for fashion show, make sure your fashion is on point. Just remember, people are going to be taking pictures all the time so, if you so happen to be caught looking a mess just remember that's nobody’s fault but your own. You have a few days before AIM and you have about five months before Holy Convocation. Don't take what I'm saying lightly. it's very important because when your name and your picture is being passed around just remember that I said this. To all the young men, please make sure your suits are appropriately fitting. We don’t need any problems this year at any one of the meetings. I think the word modesty has gone out the door so let me put it to you like this. When you're walking up and down the aisles, or in the hallways or wherever you may be, I’m quite sure that we do not want to see any of your body parts. Your clothes should not be so tight that we see what you look like undressed while being fully clothed. The same thing applies for the women and young ladies please make sure that your attire is not only on point but we do not desire to see what you look like under your clothes while you are fully dressed. Please make sure that your skirts are long enough (at least coming to your knee). Please wear the proper undergarments as well. I said this because this church is already talked about saying, it's a fashion show. If that’s the case, just bring your best and do your best and have the right frame of mind while being “dressed”. Please consider what I'm saying because I would hate to see you on a video or a blog and be embarrassed.

Next, let’s touch on a subject that's very sensitive. Some do not like to talk about this but I will, everyone is not coming to convocation to lift their hands and praise the Lord. So, come prepared and be smart about all the things that you do. We do not need any more scandals floating around about this church. When I say be smart please try to read between the lines I'm trying to be very sensitive to the fact that there are going to be hundreds of thousands of people that's going to be reading this. Normally, I would not care but because I'm making this an official statement I'm going to be cognitive of the fact of what I'm saying. Most times, I would give you a few colorful words, if not a handful but, I'm deciding today that I'm going to be on my best behavior!

For all the ones that's taking the opportunity to broadcast major scandals and who made a scene at these events, God bless you. They will have police officers on hand at all times! I'll say it again if there is something that you do not like, you have the opportunity to voice your opinion but, if you don't say anything, nothing will get done. I was always taught a closed mouth don't get fed, if you want change you need to open up your mouth and say something now since this is a word church. Even though people don't like to follow through, The Word says, where there are two or three touching and agreeing, He (God) will be in the mist. Well, I want to change that around a little bit and just say where there are two or three gathered, we can make a difference!

I'm going to end this now because I think I've held your attention long enough. Let's remember to be on our best behavior this year and moving forward. It is imperative that this church removes the stigma of so many things from the music department to the preachers who sit on the platform, to the men and women that sit out in the audience. Remember this is God's house, this is a church, this is a hospital and everyone is welcomed, if you have any hatred toward any group or class of people, you need to first handle that with yourself and God. Just remember everybody and I DO MEAN EVERYBODY took the time out to build this church from day one up until now, so let's not be discriminatory or segregated towards anyone or any party. I bid you Godspeed and I hope to see you all soon God bless you all until we meet again.

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