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REAL/FAKE? Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, 2 Angels, Brian Carn, Manasseh Jordan, Juanita Bynum, Prophet? Pr

 OK let's start this discussion! So I made a post on Facebook about spirituality in reference to being a prophet, I'll share with you. "There is something strange going on and there are too many so called prophets and preachers and no power! There's got to be someone that is for real about Jesus and the well being of his ppl. It's amazing that in Africa they take titles and mantles very serious and here in the states we pick em up like we're at the grocery store. Lord help us to get serious about you! _King Jives"

 This past weekend I've been doing a lot of thinking about ministry and spiritual stuff, I did that right after I made the post about Brian Carn. Let me just make something perfectly clear I really don't hate him I just dislike a lot of his actions, I feel that he missed out on a lot of training as a minister of the gospel. That's just my opinion! I'll just explain to you. Being someone that has to minister to people on a regular basis you have to learn how to be approachable and to be kind to people at all cost. I say this all the time, when you get to a place of fame and notoriety you have to remember how you got there, why you are there and who put you there. That's really not the topic for today, we're talking about spirituality, Church titles, prophets, dark magic and witchcraft.

So I was watching some videos on the other day about some prophets in Africa. It was very intriguing after spending a couple of hours watching the different church services and how they worship the Lord. I must say churches in Africa are very different from churches in America, I mean that should be very obvious but sometimes we tend to think everyone worships the same. After watching them I learned they are very serious about their relationship with God, and I've grown to learn they take titles very serious so if you say that you are a minister in the gospel they are going to hold you accountable for that title and the mantle that you are supposed to be carrying. Thats very different from here in America because people pick up titles like they're going out of style. Instead of waiting on the Lord to put you in that place they are so quick to jump up and become the next minister, Evangelist, Pastor, Overseer and let's not forget the oh so popular position the bishop!

Yes I am doing my research about ministry overseas I am learning that even though it's very spiritual in Africa there can be another side that we don't see and that's the Darkside. You see I've come to learn that everyone that says that they are a prophet is not a prophet their actually a wolf in sheep's clothing. I grew up in a big portion of my life in Florida which is considered at times to be the capital for witchcraft and demonic spirits, Africa I do believe is the headquarters. We know that Africa is home to everyone because even history tells us that's where it all started, so since that's where everything started I'm just lead to believe even the dark side started there too. So as I continue to watch and look at all the images and pay close attention to each service I noticed that these individuals have power that I have never seen before in my life. Well let me take that back i've seen only a few people possess that type of power; Benny Henn, Catherine Kuman, and Bishop Charles Harris Mason. What caught me by storm was to see two little boys prophesy like they were 30 and 40 years old, they were speaking very accurately and even when they prayed for people the power that they possessed was simply amazing.

I witnessed them holding their hand up and waving it towards the crowd and that entire side fell out, speaking life into a almost lifeless man that was brought in on a stretcher and was not moving at all. They told the crowd that this man is going to be healed tonight and that he's going to get up and walk again. They begin to pray and the older one told the younger one to follow me, as they begin to pray they took bottles of water and to begin to splash the man and the man simply woke up and they told him to get up and walk and he began to walk and dance. Someone asked me did I believe it was real, I replied I do believe it's real either it's a gifting or it's a talent. You may say, why would I say that? Well I believe that God has given us not only a measure of faith but also a gifting and a talent they can also be considered an anointing. I do believe that they can be all considered the same thing because we are anointed to do a lot of things, each one or rather each person is given their a measure of what they can handle. But you always have that one that wants more. This is where I was referring to with the Darkside! I learned that people can be invited into elite groups to possess power but with that invitation you have to remember if you excepted there is a sacrifice.

So I begin to think about that and I said to myself where is the time that we are trained after our forefathers how to carry the mantle. It was very interesting to see these two little boys operating in a heavy prophetic way and to have had the understanding that they did not start out like this. Their adopted father Prophet Jeremiah taught them how to walk in his mantle and is teaching them how to be greater than him. As I watch them I said wow these young men are so powerful and someone asked me is it spiritual or is it daemonic. I told him I was not sure but I want to believe that its spiritual, God spirit. See because a lot of times I'm learning that what we have grown accustomed to a lot of people are operating in what we think is God's spirit but it's actually a demonic spirit undercover and we sit in services and go on because we think that it's The Lord moving. This is where the word of God tells us we have to watch as well as pray. I know so many say to me that I shouldn't say anything about many preachers that I talk about, the usual saying touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm. But what about when the so-called anointed is harming another anointed? We never think about that!

Let me in by saying this. In this day and time we have got to do a lot better than what we've been doing, to all the fathers in the Gospel and the mothers in the Gospel we have got to learn how to pass along the mantle that was once given to us. We cannot allow individuals to sell their souls for power that they don't even understand, nowadays people want to be greater but don't realize the price that they have to pay. In order to be great in life you're going to have to work hard and that means you're going to have to serve and work but you seen this generation as well as the last generation know nothing about that. We are more interested in how to get there quick. It's not going to be a good thing to possess great power in church and you're operating in a dark demonic spirit, you may have accurate words and spot on prophecies but you're still operating in a spirit that has taken over your soul. So if you want to be anything in God you're going to have to seek him and not take the shortcut.

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