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Karen Clark-Sheard's Tricky Ordeal | Mother Barbara McCoo Lewis | Mother Rivers (VIDEO)

 OK let's discuss this! So Karen did a video on Instagram live and made a comment about not wanting to eat from a person that had aids. I've made my videos about this and I made my comments! Let me reiterate something I have loved the Clark's my life and I don't think that will ever change I'm a cogic kid and I grew up with their music. I was being hilarious and funny, I said the moment Kim Burrell made her statement in December of 2016, I then replied I just hope the none of the Clark's do anything like this. Well Karen never said anything about anybody's sexuality but she was referring to a health situation. I really did try to her rescue because I knew just from seeing on social media the people were ready to drag her. So as I stated Karen is not a health doctor, she is a gospel singer that's all she has ever known. So if she did make that statement which accord what was seen on Instagram, she was incorrect for saying that.

The reason why this did not last long was because the video was taken down. You may ask what do I mean taken down, well how Instagram live works is that you go live and once you are done the video disappears. I must say that was her saving grace LOL. I'm quite sure that unlike Kim Burrell Karen has a huge fan base and a love for her that is out of this world. Let me not forget a greater love for her sisters equally. So I hope that in some way that kind of clears up the mess. We understand that Jackie is the nurse in the family and Dorinda is the Evangelist, Karen is the preacher/Singer as well as Denise Clark-Bradford is the family gospel preacher as well and less not forget Twinkie is the bomb organist sent from heaven. So I said I'd give Karen a pass because I don't think she really knew what she was talking about.

Moving on! The women's convention in Orlando Florida seemed very vibrant this year. There were a lot of wonderful speakers and the convention as a whole seem very lively. I guess that's what happens when leadership changes to someone younger and someone with a different yet newer mindset. Let me just come to say that it doesn't take away from the leadership that Mother Rivers possessed and that she lead The women's department in the best way that she know how and she did a awesome job. I was quite concerned with Mother McCoo-Lewis's message and delivery, I think in the church we keep hearing messages that are beating up and bashing people but in order for the house of God to grow there's going to have to be some healing that's going to have to take place. So let me say again I was concerned with her message but she did do an awesome job. I believe that she is going to take the women's department in a direction where they are going to be growing and more developed than where they are right now.

As for Mother Rivers, from her facial expression she looked very much so relieved of her duties. I just hope people continue to reference her and respect her for who she is and the legacy that she has carried for 20 years. I'm going to eventually do a blog on Mother Luease Patterson but I'll save that for later date. I just hope that this church this collective body learns how to take care of our mothers and fathers in the gospel and do not leave them in positions till they die. What I am saying so far in the past five years, leadership is dying while in office and no one is really capable of taking their place. Now that leaves the position up in air and everyone is fighting. I've been saying for years that the younger generation needs to be well educated and in formed to stand in the place where our forefathers and mothers have stood. It's not going to be helpful to put another generation and their stead and their ill-informed and uneducated. I'm not talking about Church educated but I'm referring to knowing how to deal with people in general not just in church but the world. Quite frankly we know how to do church and it hasn't served us well, this is why we need to have some secular knowledge about people outside of our normal!

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