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Brian Carn | Gay dating Apps | Take Your Own Advise Sir!

So Brian Carnes is back at it again! Let me just explain something I have known of this guy for years and I always wondered why isn't he under someone. It was funny to me when I found out that he was not a member anywhere. Are used to believe that he was a pastor but come to find out he doesn't have his own church. So I'm still perplexed as to why he's running around preaching without any covering. And if he does have any type of covering or spiritual Overseer why aren't they checking him on all of this Foolishness that he's doing.

But let me just say this, after all those years of watching him travel the world I'm still having the question in my mind why you playin!?!? Back into thousand nine when he was invited to come to my former church in Minnesota I was a part of the armor bearer team that was in charge of making sure his hotel arrangements and his travel and everything was taken care of. I remember I was requested to go and pick him up from the airport, and after that if you wanted food take him and get something to eat and then take him to his hotel so he can get rested up so you will be ready to preach. Well after getting him to the hotel I remember walking in and coming to the front desk talking to the attendant and I turned to him and I said all right prophet go ahead and get some rest we'll see you tonight. This full grab my hand and begin to rub my hand and look me in my face and in a deep voice all right is there anything else that you need? Well I looked off real quick I laughed and I said no and walked off. At that moment I was convinced and couldn't no one tell me anything different.

During those nights of the conference I watched how women just throw themselves at him and just acted a plum fool. I then understood a great deal how it was that this man at the time he was 19 was getting so much play and action. I would hear the women say oh my God he has such sexy lips and he is so thick. The man were no different they were actually worse!

Watching this guy and hearing so many horror stories from different people, I did a video on him over a year ago because he made a comment about the pulse nightclub in Orlando. He inbox me saying I was being unfair to him and not understanding, I looked at my phone like what the hell! I was like really are you going to respond to me about the pulse nightclub when I have video footage of you saying that God did this to them. At that point I was all the way done with him and I lost all respect. Something else happen, he pissed me off another time and then he inbox me again and he asked me for my cell phone number! I even did a YouTube video showing the people where he was requesting for my phone number and he want to have a conversation. Let me change that he said he wanted to have a biblical conversation, like really Fool! Mind you all this conversation was going on throughout the day and then around 11 12 o'clock and night, he's requesting for my cell phone number and wanting to have a conversation. I told him I'm not going to have a conversation with you at this time of night, and while all this is going on I'm in the company of two of my siblings in which they heard and seen all of the messages.

So at this point I really don't entertain any of the foolishness that I see from him and so many others. I was see some of the people that are new entertaining this type of mess and indulging and when I say indulgent I do mean sleeping with individuals like him. I'm not really a fan of big-names and groupies because even though you travel all over the world you still need to be humble. Realizing all of this I must say there's so many of us that have done this to them, we put them on the platform and we have expected them to be perfect and without any blemish.

Now let's get to the meat of this well at least ending! I have fought so hard in standing up and against all of this foolishness, but there are yet so many people who are sipping on the Kool-Aid. I have heard the countless stories of people who have been involved with persons like Brian Carn, Juanita Bynum, Jamaal Bryant and so many others. Yet they are called liars they're called whores they're called Miss Fitz and troublemaker, Pretty much just being messy! Hey I've even gotten called all kind of names to from queen, a messy faggot, little bitch, stupid whore and the list can go on. My stance against all this crazy nonsense will never change! People want to walk around blind, they will use scriptures at their convenience and never live up to the mark! Yet they will continue to follow these individuals and no matter what is said about them they will continue to follow them. I am a true believer in God and I do believe that the Bible is a tool and a roadmap. I have learned that I have to live by more than just the mere words that are written in the Bible! Everybody's walking around talking about the Bible said this the Bible said that but they failed to realize that they have to have a relationship with God and not the Bible. Even Jesus said "thy word have I hid in my heart make it a lamp into my feet and a light unto my path way" in so many words so that I won't sin again him (Jesus). So with my understanding, college degree and my relationship with the Lord, I've come to learn that I need more than just that book (Bible). I need to be able to have a relationship with God, he said he that hath and ear let him hear what he is saying to the church! The church is not the four walls the church is you! I'm not expecting everybody to understand where I'm coming from but for those of you who get it congratulations, let's get it and keep moving forward. We have no time to waste on people like this let's keep holding each other accountable and when one of us fall let's be open and receptive to correction. When I say correction I don't mean embarrassing each other because there is a way to correct everyone. I'm not sure how this open rebuke and bringing people in front of the church came about but a lot of people have lost their way and lost there life because of it. They need to take that back to the drawing board! So I'm not sure if Brian cars will ever get it but I'm quite convinced that he feels that he is right and correct in all of his ways. Let me bring back into your remembrance when he prophesied the other year and gave word for word prophesy from a psychic reading that he got off YouTube. Then at that point when Lexi was bashing him and coming for him everybody said she was wrong and incorrect.... Remember that? People then said that we should love on Brian Carn and pray for him! I Look at those comments and shook my head. Again, I am Truly appalled and convinced that people especially church people are cherry pickers and they like to pick and choose what they want to refer to as Sin!

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