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Abuse & Manipulation of Juanita Bynum w/The Beez . Mikko Dooley Speaks on Death Threats

Where do we start. I met Mikko Dooley a few months ago after listening to her story and as I sat at I was in disbelief, then I thought about it. It wasn't too far-fetched for me to consider and have my own conclusion to what she was saying. I have followed Juanita Bynum for years! I've always loved her because of her powerful message, I came to know her in the early 90s. The first time I believe that I heard her she was preaching for Bishop TD Jakes, she was preaching I believe at the woman that art loose conference. She was preaching "No more sheets". That message moved me and is forever locked in my memory.

 Now as we move forward in life and in watching her things begin to change and not for the better. The greater she got in fame the more the plastic surgeries came, there was a great fascination for money and mysticism. So when I got a chance to meet the great Prophetess Dr. Juanita Bynum I was amazed. I was amazed because this was one of my favorite preachers and I don't care about the plastic surgeries because I was like hey it doesn't look bad! What really set me back and made me take a second look at her was the lawsuit against Bishop T. Jakes. Now a lot of people May think that she was well within her right but you have to consider that if you are a guest preacher at someone else's church those tapes are not your property. Unless it's given to you!

There have been countless of times where Juanita Bynum has sued different major preachers because of money, she wanted more. I used to watch her on the word network it was all right until it became too mystical and all about money. I'm not really shocked because there is a track record of all of this and it's very sad. Looking at her beginnings you would think that she would not allow this to happen to her again only to return back where she started. You would consider making sure that you lived out what you preached and made sure that all of your supporters could see your honesty in your living. All of that begin to change after she married Thomas weeks III.

Now hear me on this, I do not condone violence but I will say that everybody needs to keep their hands to themselves. I remember her saying that she was engaged to this man I automatically knew it wasn't right but hey that's my opinion. I watch them date publicly and I watch the wedding publicly, as a sidenote she went on to sell her wedding DVDs. Not sure if everybody who bought one got one, I just know that they were on sale. Several years later here are allegations of abuse! As they are leaving the hotel restaurant whatever it was, Juanita Bynum is antagonizing Thomas weeks and I guess after taking only so much he retaliates and put his hands on her. I was shocked at first but then I thought about it with a clear conscience. Juanita Bynum is the type of woman that she has to have her way, she has great demands and if you don't meet them you're in a lot of heat.


So the divorce was not a surprise what was a surprise was that she went on public television claiming to be the voice and the face for domestic abuse and violence. This to me took the cake! So let's move forward because a lot of people don't know the facts. Well if you read documentation you will see that even though Juanita Bynum claimed to have been abused so much in her marriage this was actually a lie! Thomas weeks was not the abuser but in fact he was the abused! I know many may make fun of him and call him a soft man and even a homosexual but that just goes to show you that people don't care about you one way or another. They will talk about you regardless. Once the divorce was final thee Juanita Bynum had to pay Thomas weeks. She lost her home to foreclosure and she had to give her now ex-husband one of the Range Rover's and because she could not afford to live in the home she moved back to her first small home in New York.


Oh yes a lot has happened! But I say this that there were so many people like myself who was rooting for her and cheering her on. No one knew what was going on at her home, we saw a public woman who was campaigning for Jesus. That's all we knew and the more she gave us Jesus the more we wanted of her. Once her personal life became public it was a stain before our eyes. It was a question, how can this woman be like this? Well it gets deeper because after getting to know Mikko Dooley and finding out that Juanita Bynum abuses her staff and cusses her staff out. This further open my eyes but it wasn't a shocker. Mikko told me that she came to know Dr. Juanita Bynum after her bank account was hacked and that her car was wrecked and her daughter was molested. Dr. Juanita Bynum mysteriously found Mikko, what's so crazy about this connection is that Mikko had a great following because of her network. Mikko is a well-known hairdresser and educator, people know her because of her skill and ability to teach. Once Juanita Bynum saw her influence and her audience she took advantage of that. She took advantage of that in a great way! She got in touch with her and flew Mikko out to where she was at a conference. Mikko began to see another side of this great preacher and it was a side that I don't think she was even prepared for. Juanita Bynum presented her cousin to Mikko to Marry and said that God sent him to her! She wanted Mikko also to push your book products to her audience and to her network, Mikko did so because she thought she was doing the right thing. Books sales grew and Dr. Bynum's audience groom. Not afterwhile rumors begin to stir and after wow Mikko began to get inboxes asking can you get in touch with Dr. Bynum because I have not received my book. Now you have to listen to the rest of her video to find out what happened. All of this sounds like a great ball of drama and mess but this is what happens when people lose track and focus. As you can see this is happening a lot in the Christian faith world, a lot of secular people question; why would I come to your church and serve your God when you're acting like this? This is something that everyone should think about let this be a lesson, a public lesson of what to do and what not to do!

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