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TriState Black Pride 2017 Opening Ceremony

This years 2017 black pride in Memphis Tennessee started off with an amazing opening Getting Rid if the Stigma. I must say that all the people that supported sponsor showed up in a awesome big way the night at the national civil rights museum it was jam packed full of people from all over the world.

This is my first year actually participating and being heavily involved from doing a website to the graphics to even being a sponsor. This has been an amazing start and meeting new people some I've only seen via the Internet is just amazing. But I must say that it's awesome to see so much love in one room that doesn't involve any hatred or any negativity.

As I leave this event tonight I am truly honored to say the king Jives was in the building. I came to this event not really knowing what to expect, but I left feeling very empowered from the speaker Dr. Mary Bernard and all of the contributors that presented tonight. One thing I must say is that you will never know where your gift will take you. One thing about it on tonight there was a door open for me and it was such a great blessing I really don't know what the future will hold well all I know is that in this process I'm learning to trust God ever saw the more.

I'm driving right now just recapping the night and so many things are crossing my mind. What I have learned from tonight is that when you open your eyes and take the scales off and the blinders and stop hindering yourself from moving forward and being who you are you'll see so much more and it's amazing. I know that I've been saying amazing a lot but there is so many words that I can describe tonight is but amazing stands out and I am truly amazed at how tonight went. Just think a room full of I'll majority of black people and people of color and no fights no tearing down of each other that's truly something to be amazed about. So to Memphis and all the surrounding areas and all of my tri-state black pride family this is an amazing start and I'm looking forward to so many more. King Jives approve this message.

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