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Donald Trump, Virginia Baseball Game Killing... W/ Political Parties! Coincidence I think not!‼️‼️ U

How ironic is it that all of a sudden in Virginia at a baseball game that there's a shooting and I'll almost a lot of the Republicans are there. The shooter is asking are you democratic or republican, to me this is another ploy secretly by Donald Trump killing off all of the individuals that do not support him.

As we can see in the media already he has done his very best to discredit James Comey. Calling him a coward and so many other names just because he decided to go public with his involvement with the president. As he already stated that out of all the presidents that he has ever served under he has never had this much involvement with them.

I think that it is a very sad act from an individual who is sitting in the seat that he is sitting in and having people destroyed because he wants to have so much power. To have individuals killed so that you can remain the president is very disheartening and just comforting knowing that you are the leader of the free world.

Honesty I hope that he is impeached and I hope that the person that gets that seat and becomes the president of the United States, I hope they learn from the mistakes and bring this country back to where needs to be!

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