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Wait What!!! Bishop Marvin Winans... the Drama Continues smh

So here's the thing when I initially made my video about the sex trafficking that was going on in Detroit it was never about or had anything to do with Bishop Marvin Winans. Marvin Winans was merely a point of reference so that people know where these men came from. Now if you're mad because they went to his church and they make him look bad now that's another story!

It's amazing that individual spend their entire lives working on being spiritual and deep and mystical and they're blind when people are committing acts of debauchery right in front of them! I have seen this too many times and all the church wants to say it's let's pray know something needs to be done about this because this is not right nor is it fair to the individuals and the young children that have to endure things like this.

As I have always said if it was my child I know that I would be very overprotective I may not be able to be all places at all times but I would do my best to make sure that my children were comfortable telling me anything that was going on with them in their lives. One thing about kids is that once they feel that they have the confidence of their parents most of the times you don't have to worry about much because they'll tell you anything. That's not to say to become your child's best friend but become friendly enough and approachable enough that you're able to talk to your children so whenever something is bothering them or something is hurting them or someone is hurting them they're able to tell you.

I really hope that brought some clarity to some things it's crazy because I have to battle a lot on YouTube in trying to help people understand what they should already understand. It's crazy because when you make it very plain and they can hear exactly what you're saying it seems like they still don't understand and you have to go back over and over to say the same thing again and again. Ironically it is OK and I've learned after being a social media for so long and YouTube or ever sometimes you just got a let things go! And leave crazy people right where they are and in my own words stay out of those comments LOL. I'll psych this and I'll move on I really feel awful for those young girls and even some of the young boys who might have been involved but were never mentioned. I feel really bad for them because now they have been exposed to a lie and a world that they never ask for. And the sad part about it is that they were introduced to a oversexed drug trafficking World through church individuals. At this particular point in life the only thing that you really can do is just pray that they can make the best out of life with what has happened to them, and also for those of us who have never been through anything like that learn how to have compassion on someone else. This is a perfect example as to why young children home things happen to him like this grow up and become promiscuous and wild and they think six is a sport.

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