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Juanita Bynum??? What Is Going on!!! Public lies bedroom truths! (Video)

Is very sad to see an individual that we all as a world look up to for so many reasons including spirituality. Juanita Bynum has come from the Lowe's and she was on mountains that so many wished they could reach. I have been watching her very closely in the past couple of years and it's not looking good for her and the people surrounding her.

I watched Juanita Bynum years ago and I think I started to become very aware of her when she first preach for Bishop TD Jakes. She captivated me and so many millions with her message no more sheets. Now watching her i'm very scared for her life and I really want her to get some help if she will receive it.

Juanita Bynum has been striving for fame and it seems as though she has left from seeking God to seeking notoriety. I remember when the movie that was in the making one night with the King was on the table. Juanita Bynum made it very known that she needs to be in that role, she even went as far as spiritualizing it and saying how that role was meant for her before the very foundation of the world. 

I must say even the situation with her ex-husband I was not shocked, a woman with a power and authority marrying a man that seemingly was not on her level was not a good match. And then publicly saying that he beat her and she didn't know why and was confused was a lie and was all the show. I've seen that done too many times before.! Even down to the wire of suing Bishop Jakes for royalties a ministry tapes and CDs and doing the same thing with Rod Parsley was simply crazy and was all about money. Then turning around and making a public display of your compassionately sorry for the things that you have done and that you're his daughter and you're forever in debt it to him. Now it really feels as though it was all for show.

I look at this individual that so many have looked up to and heart really is sad. To be a woman that so many other women look to for encouragement knowledge and power, now in a place where you are turning tricks just to make a dollar and swindling your supporters out of money and not even sending them their books or "spiritual products". This is very disheartening but this doesn't stop with just Prophetess Juanita Bynum! There are so many other pastors and leaders who are doing the same thing and they think that they're getting by.

Looking at all the screenshots of the text messages and in boxes and things like that it's horrible it's really horrible and sad. I hope this serves as a wake up call to the body that we call Christ, to get themselves together and to lead by example. If the millennial's are seeing this in the church there really is no reason for them to stay. But I must say this has nothing to do with God or who he is this is a misrepresentation of who he is. All of the people that have fallen away and that have died on the account of these actions my dear pastors and leaders just remember the blood will be required and held on your hands.! 

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