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James Comey... Talks, watch the media flip it!!! (Video)

So as I watched James Comey give his testimony I was very aware of his carefulness and making sure that he said all the right things. Realizing that he is an FBI agent with her former or current his life at this point is at stake. I'm looking at the crowd as they are in anticipation of him saying and giving evidence that would point to Trump. But as I watched on the crazy thing that I noticed it went from Trump to Hillary Clinton. How is it that in this meeting that we go from talking about his involvement with Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton? As I watch James Comey give his testimony, he was very willing to free up Hillary Clinton and also as he made his statements about Donald Trump he did not get him off the hook but left everyone with thoughts and questions.

I just want to know why is the media particularly white media flipping this and making Donald Trump look like he's the best president in the world. Donald Trump son was on the news station the other day and has he gave his remarks he was very clear in trying to make James Comey's statements look as though he was scared and did not know what he was talking about. When James Comey clearly stated that he did not want to be left alone with this man. Also James Comey stated that he was very in so many words shocked that the president wanted to meet with him so many times and developed somewhat of a relationship with him. In all of the years with any FBI director or FBI agent they were never supposed to have that much of contact with the president or any president for that matter.

As the weeks progress let's just see how all of this is going to unfold. Is this going to be enough evidence to impeach Donald Trump or are we going to move forward as if nothing has happened and all of America secrets are being freely given to different countries.

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