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Forever Mine - have you ever met someone that you really wanted to spend forever with? Had a few ups

“You can’t do this, John, Listen to me man, I have busted my ass over for this company, you can’t just call me up in the morning and tell me that I am fired, what’s my fault?”

“I think we both know Jason that this day would come eventually, you knew the company was going through some bad patches now, they are letting a lot of people go. But I promise you, as soon as there is a slot open, I will recommend you, I promise.”

“You know John, you just sounded like a PR guy. I don’t know what to say.”

“Well, good luck buddy, I wish the best for you, if you need anything, just let me know, take care.”

John hung up. An awkward silence was there in the room. Jason was still holding the telephone in denial. He just couldn’t believe what just happened. He lost his 5 year old job over a phone call, and they didn’t bother to let him know a proper reason. Jason Strauss was nothing less than a faithful and skilled worker in the company, guess he was not faithful enough.

“What am I going to tell Lucas?”

It has been 4 years since they broke up, it was just after he started working for the company. The reason was same, he got more and more evolved into his day work that eventually he couldn’t find time for Lucas. Lucas is a writer, he is always so poetic. Jason remembers the first time they met in a café, Lucas was on his notebook, trying to finish his first novel, was storming through ideas, when Jason bumped into him. He worked at that café and watched Lucas working for a few months, nonstop. He used to come to the café and sit on the exact same spot. Jason saw him for a while. He saw his elegance, his calmness, and soon, he fell in love with him. But, he never found the courage to talk to him. Then finally he managed some guts and went to his table. That’s the first time they saw each other, and got to know each other, and soon before they even knew, they started to share the same interest, Love. But then Jason got his job in this big company, and soon they started drifting apart. It’s just that, they grew busy, and there were new things coming up that they didn’t know about before started dating. So they decided to take a break, when finally They again bumped into each other at the café, apparently, Lucas never stopped going there, even after they broke up. So they decided to give it a shot again. Let’s see where it goes. He was supposed to meet him today at the café, but now what’s he going to say to him?

Lucas reached the café a bit early. He was so excited to meet Jason on a date after so long time. It was long ago since they had a nice meal, or coffee together, and he kind of started missing that. Besides, it was Jason who he used to share all his thoughts and feelings, and without him, he is just lost. He bought an expensive tie and wrist pin for his shirts, he knows Jason loves to wear formal, and that’s the most attractive part of him. He also brought an original copy of his latest book, he thought he could show it to him. Jason always admired his work, that’s another part of him he likes, honesty, no matter what, he was always honest with him.

He ordered a drink for himself and saved an expensive bottle of red wine, he wanted to toast their new beginning with Jason’s favorite drink. Now all that’s left, is Jason to show up.

Meanwhile, Jason was still in a shock of the incident that literally shattered his dream. He was completely lost. He was planning to downtown today at the realtor office to seal the deal of the beach house he saw last month. It’s about time he starts living a normal life, and he wanted to leave this loft as soon as possible, because it reminded him of the breakup and sad rimes that he had to face alone. All his dreams, all his hopes, all his desires were torn into pieces.

He was sitting on the couch with a gloomy mood, not feeling up for a date. Maybe he would call Lucas and cancel. But then he thought, it would be best for him to go and discuss it with Lucas, maybe together they will come up with something. So he got up and wanted to take a shower. Suddenly he heard the doorbell. He thought it was Lucas. For an instance he got so excited. He rushed to the door and opened it. It was John standing at his door step with a box of beer.

“What are you doing here John?”

“Well I came to check on you, you seemed pretty upset on the phone.”

“Well you just told a guy that his future was over, how was he supposed to react?”

“Oh Jason, You’ll get over it, don’t worry, you’re a tough guy, I am sure you’ll figure something out, come on, let’s grab some beer and order pizza.”

“Well actually I…umm… never mind, come on in”.

He invited John inside. They sat on the couch and started chatting about the game, talking trash about the coworkers and what not. Jason didn’t mind some company, actually he totally forgot about his date at the café. So one after another, he took a beer. The more he drank, the less vulnerable he felt. They didn’t notice what time it was, but it was getting late.

“I should get going, you take rest and then start tomorrow morning, alright? Bye”

“John stood up and was about to leave when suddenly Jason grabbed him from behind, turned him mover and kissed him. It was a long passionate kiss. It was no surprise to John as they dated back in the office, but the timing of the kiss was a little sudden. For a while John froze rock solid. But Jason continued his kiss and he started wrapping his tongue inside his mouth. It was not a goodbye kiss, it was more of a love making, erotic kiss. John could not resist much longer, so he also reacted. The kissing started in a hardcore passion and soon before they could realize, their cloths were on the floor and they were kissing, biting each other. John loved to go down on him. So he kneeled down and gobbled his man part and started blowing him off. It was hot, it was steamy, it was naughty it was sweaty. Jason had his eyes closed and he was lost in the sensual pleasure. But suddenly he opened his eyes and saw Lucas standing at his door step, peaking through the open door and he saw everything.

“Lucas I…” before he could explain, Lucas rushed out of the apartment.

“I am sorry John, but this was a mistake”.

Jason gathered his clothes and quickly went outside, he took a cab and went straight to Lucas’s apartment.

“Lucas, just hear me out ok”

“Why? Why would I hear your story as I clearly saw how his tongue was doing the trick for you? How could you do this to me?”

Lucas started whipping. Suddenly he started throwing his stuffs at Jason. Jason took his guard and slowly moved towards Lucas.

“Listen to me. I got fired today, I was really sad and mad, and pissed at everything. I was also afraid that what was I supposed to say to you, we were supposed to start a new life, and how could we do that if I was unemployed. I was angry, and vulnerable, John was just a rebound I promise, it’s not John that I love, it’s you”.

Lucas looked at him in the eye “But it still hurts, since we broke up, I also didn’t dated anybody, because I thought one day we would be together. But I cannot be with a guy who will cheat on me whenever he will be upset”.

“I know that was a stupid thing to do and I am so sorry, you were not there, I made a mistake. But now you are here, we are here, together, and if you give me one chance, I promise to you I will live up to my work and I will become the man you once looked up to, loved and cared. Please forgive me, I love you”.

Lucas stood still. It was a moment of judgment. His mind was giving him a negative vibe, but his heart wanted to give it a second chance. He was confused. He looked at Jason and all his confusions went away. Yes, this is the man that he loved, this is the man that he chose to spend his life with and this is the man who he would want beside him at his very last moments. So without any hesitation, Lucas leaned towards Jason. He paused for a while, then he kissed. It was not an erotic kiss, rather was romantic, more sensual one. Jason was so happy, it was as like in a moment, his whole world started making sense. All the tensions, denials, frustrations just faded away. They kissed and kissed.

“Be mine, Lucas Scott” he said.

“Forever yours my love”.


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