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CROSSROADS "The Intersection of Racism and Homophobia"

Change isn't something that just happens; it is only achieved by those strong enough to exert control over their environment"

The above is a common saying that can be heard in the Sunday morning pulpit by Pastor Keith McQueen of Indianapolis IN. He is the senior Pastor and Founder of Powerhouse Church of Indianapolis and a community activist in the state of Indiana. With a mission for a better world Pastor McQueen is hosting a community conversation with some of Indianapolis Indiana's most passionate community activists. These include Dana Black, 2016 Democratic Candidate for the House of Representatives District 88. Also on the list of panelists is Rev. Darren Chattick (Community Pastor), Terrell Parker (Program Manager for Brothers United), Daqavise Winston (Young Democrats of America) and Satchuel Cole (Indy Black Lives Matter).

The event is titled "Crossroads" and highlights the intersection of Racism and Sexuality.

"I believe it's important to not only protest and write letters but we must engage the people into a conversation that promotes healing, awareness and commitment to Justice" Pastor McQueen states.

With the goal to create change through strategy, those who would like to be a part of the conversation can join them

July 27th at 7Pm at Powerhouse Church of Indianapolis.

The address is 4110 E New York st. Indianapolis IN 46201 DON'T MISS THIS POWERFUL conversation. Bring your social group, church and family.

Pastor Keith McQueen

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