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I, De'Mario Jives, am an entrepreneur, graphic designer, social activist, and a humanitarian. I am continuously thinking and speaking across all platforms. When it comes to reporting the news, I stands for truth, facts, and evidence in the face of criticism. In 2008, I began my career in social media, graphic design and videography. I have collaborated with numerous NAACP, White House, and congressional officials. I was a close friend of the late commissioner Hattie Daniels-Rush, also members of the Daniels family who served in the White House under multiple presidents. I use my platform to raise awareness of all social concerns and I seek to inform my audience, promote harmony, and deliver healing humor.

I have always been vocal, motivated, and happy to assist all who are in need. As a son of a pastor, I have moved in many influential, religious and political circles which have enabled me to work together with the Florida, Minnesota, Tennessee, California , and New York chapters of the NAACP on a variety of humanitarian missions. I was at the forefront of the struggle against inequality of marriage, immigration, police violence, school district & education, and housing & land development such that I acted as a bridge between diverse communities and worked directly with leaders to create and implement solutions for all.

During the 2022 Florida primary, I was heavily involved in the polls and in discussions with political leaders and school board members over the future of our neighborhoods and schools. In doing so, I worked with many prominent figures such as School Board member District 6; Karen Perez, Commissioner Ken Hagan, Commissioner Gwen Meyers, and County Commissioner Kimberly Diane Overman in their outreach efforts of reaching black and brown communities. Outreach consists of the betterment of our communities with new land development, better public educational systems, and affordable housing. I am truly an advocate for the people!

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